The day of unity

Canadians need a day to send a clear, and strong message to our so-called “representatives” A day, a week, a month, we need to make it happen. A national day of strike, nothing moves, nobody works, and no employer submits taxes for their employees. We keep hearing people whining, yet do nothing to counteract the abuses of our government, it’s time to be proactive, the jury is out on this one.

It’s time to make our government, ours again, accountable to US, the people who pay their wages. Hard working Canadians suffer, it’s time to change that, and it’s time to keep your money in your pocket.
Realizing that certain infrastructure is required, as well as certain services, we have to look forward and take back what is rightfully ours.

Do you really want to line the pockets of government workers? Do you really want to support their lavish lifestyles? Do you really want your children, and your grandchildren paying for this abuse for generations to come?

We’ve become slaves to taxes, interest, the corporation of Canada, and the people we’ve hired to represent us…it needs to end, NOW.